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Regarding the Work

Utilizing an ancient process, Ross creates textured sheets of pressed cotton fiber matrix, resulting in a heavy, durable paper, lavishly embellished with acrylics in an infinite range of colors and sizes. Multiple pieces are layered (4-7 inches in depth) to create freeform sculptural paintings in a large format.

When ordering your piece, consider any color changes and sizes that will suit the area where it will be mounted. Ross will contact you personally to verify these all-important details.

A Message from Ross

For those of you who have not experienced the work, be aware that the consistency of the material is almost indestructable. The construction consists of a base form of quarter-inch plywood, that reflects the basic design. Most of the individual layers are backed by eight-inch luan plywood. This process is strengthened with glues and screws to create a solidly constructed form that will literally last forever. Satisfaction guaranteed.